“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”


The Cape Cornwall School curriculum ensures that all our students have the opportunity for academic and personal development across a broad range of subjects and experiences. It combines equality of opportunity to our core learning with opportunities for students to make individual choices regarding their learning experiences.  Acquisition of knowledge and transferable skills are the cornerstones of our student’s progress, and we place a high value on building their understanding of community, place and social justice. Lessons and other learning experiences are sequenced to build on students’ prior knowledge and ensure that students deepen their knowledge of each subject and the interconnection between subjects and their global context.

Our curriculum is the foundation to achieving our Core Principles:

  • Students leave Cape with high-value achievements and the life skills and resilience that provide a platform for future success and happiness.
  • We are inspired to work together to research, design and implement highly effective and sustainable solutions to develop and maintain our thriving school community.
  • Continuous improvement is achieved through a whole school culture of, and commitment to, creativity, engagement and professionalism.

What is unique to the study of Personal, Social and Health Education?

Our PSHE curriculum will help to prepare students to become responsible, confident, thoughtful and informed young adults.  The knowledge and understanding that the study of PSHE delivers will support our students in their future lives as they encounter different challenges, relationships, opportunities, religions and cultures. Within PSHE, our carefully sequenced curriculum covers and extends the statutory requirements expected within this unique and diverse subject area. Students will explore a wide range of concepts that help develop them into well-rounded individuals ready for life in the 21st century. Students will have the opportunity to build their self-awareness and moral compass by studying various challenging topics. They will discuss ways to keep themselves safe in the 21st century with a clear focus on internet safety and online bullying. Students will develop a deep knowledge of dealing with difficult situations and where to look if they ever need help and support throughout life. A range of topics such as contraception, abortion and consent will encourage pupils to develop an understanding and level of empathy for difficulties faced in modern-day society.  Students will develop an understanding of British Values, including the right to freedom of speech within the rule of law; students will debate on asylum, migration and democracy. 

All of the topics studied within PSHE are to help guide students into becoming global citizens with a rich level of cultural capital.   

Repeat Concepts in PSHE:

  • Living in the Wider World
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Relationship & Sex Education
  • Careers






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Computer Science


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