“Geography underpins a lifelong ‘conversation’ about the earth as the home of humankind.”
Geography Association

The Cape Cornwall School Curriculum ensures that all our students have the opportunity for academic and personal development across a broad range of subjects and experiences. It combines equality of opportunity to our core learning with opportunities for students to make individual choices regarding their learning experiences.  Acquisition of knowledge and transferable skills are the cornerstones of our student’s progress and we place a high value on building their understanding of community, place and social justice. Lessons and other learning experiences are sequenced to build on students’ prior knowledge, and to ensure that students deepen their understanding of each subject, and the interconnection between subjects and their global context.

Our Curriculum is the foundation to achieving our core principles:

  • Students leave Cape Cornwall with high value achievements and the life skills and resilience that provide a platform for future success and happiness.
  • We are inspired to work together to research, design and implement highly effective and sustainable solutions to develop and maintain our thriving school community.
  • Continuous improvement is achieved through a whole school culture of, and commitment to, creativity, engagement and professionalism.

The importance of studying geography is to enable students to become global citizens and make geographical links to apply outside the classroom. These links will focus on the human, physical and environmental aspects of the globe. 

The repeat concepts in Geography are; 

  • Locational Knowledge
  • Place knowledge
  • Scale
  • Human and Physical Geography
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Connections and Interdependence


Students are supported with their geographical learning in and outside the classroom through a range of fieldwork and extra-curricular activities.  Fieldwork supports outdoor learning for young people. Cape Cornwall School utilises this opportunity being in an area of outstanding natural beauty Geography invites fieldwork into the curriculum. Human and physical fieldwork is kept local with visits to Penzance to study urban themes and long rock to study coastal themes.  Extracurricular activities involved with studying geography include: cross-curricular fieldwork, Duke of Edinburgh Award, environmental sustainability day, visits to the Eden project and ecological school-based clubs.

Teaching will focus on the interactions of processes between human and physical features.  Pupils will analyse the impacts humans are having upon the globe to be aware of geographical issues.  This will support their geographical thinking to ensure they have capabilities as global learners to challenge geographical concepts, for example sustainability.  

The skills students will acquire in studying geography are lifelong in developing teamwork, empathy, data analysis, resilience and global learning.  

Accurate, modern, detailed knowledge of the subject is provided to pupils at Cape Cornwall School. Geography is taught in a holistic approach where pupils are able to make connections across different subject areas over the school. 

The geography curriculum provides opportunities for curiosity, excitement, inquisitiveness, critical thinking, and innovation. It embeds pupil’s knowledge systematically with clear thought and rationale. Pupils are made aware of their learning objectives with time for reflection, revisiting concepts and skills, and opportunities to deepen and extend knowledge further. In geography, knowledge is not taught as a linear process, but instead as a corkscrewing process whereby content is integrated into larger concepts. 

Pupils of all abilities, backgrounds and dispositions are provided for with high expectations. Progress is promoted and knowledge is focused on where the pupil starts in their learning journey and rigorous thought is given to where the pupils are expected to be and emphasis is put on progression every lesson.  Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their progression in geography. 

A clear knowledge of all students is known and embedded into planning teaching and learning to ensure that pupils are taught effectively. The curriculum is holistic; focused on the physical, social, moral, spiritual, emotional development of children as well as intellectual development. 

A wide range of assessment is used within geography. Recall of knowledge for memory is constantly included throughout lessons. Assessments are focused upon competencies which are fundamental for society in a knowledge economy, as well as core knowledge. As well as this, assessment for learning strategies are used to adapt teaching, identify misconceptions and to drive the learning forward in a positive direction, whereby intent and impact are in mind. 


Through conscious intent and implementation, the Cape Cornwall Geography Scheme of Learning will provide pupils with detailed knowledge that is required for the knowledge economy. All pupils that arrive at Cape Cornwall School will leave having accumulated cultural capital; acquired knowledge which enabled them to become informed citizens of society who have the means to achieve to their own individual aspirations. Pupils will have had a variety of experiences which gave them an insight to careers that are geographical. 

They will be equipped with national qualifications that exceed or meet government expectations. They will be well prepared for further study of geography at A level, or if deciding to stop studying geography at KS3, they will be prepared with knowledge and skills to communicate and connect with others in the wider world. Their knowledge gained throughout KS3 and GSCE will have prepared them for further education, employment or training, and ensured an easy transition for their chosen courses of study. They will be able to draw upon their knowledge they have gained links in their chosen careers/future aspirations. 

They will also leave with a rich geographical vocabulary which will ensure that they can partake in any economic, environmental or social topics in society. Pupils will have had range of experiences to understand the value of education. They will leave Cape Cornwall School knowing their worth as an individual. 






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