A welcome from our Head of School

The thing that blew me away when I walked through the doors at Cape Cornwall for the first time was its spirit. A spirit of togetherness.

It’s one of the big benefits of being a small school. We work as a community. We all know each other and support each other, not just academically but in everything we do.

This includes everyone. The teaching staff who go above and beyond to commit to out-of-school activities. The students who give one another support and show up, whether that’s turning up for the school performances, playing in sports fixtures, or extending friendships beyond year group boundaries. The support staff who are always ready with a warm smile and a helping hand.

And that’s important… because we recognise that students achieve more when they’re supported. And, of course, small classes are vital in this too. They mean that every pupil, of every ability, can enjoy the attention they need to achieve their very best.

We’re helping our students in other ways too…

The first is through our digital transformation program, in which every single pupil will be given an iPad to use at home and school. This means that all students will have access to the educational resources they need – in the classroom and at home for the first time. They will all have the materials they need at their fingertips – so everyone can learn in their own way, whenever they want to.

Our “Be inspired” program is another of our flagship initiatives. We recognise that young people need a broad spectrum of skills and interests beyond those typically incorporated into the curriculum. In fact, we think it’s so important that we devote one lesson a fortnight to precisely that – giving students the opportunity to gain new skills that may not otherwise be open to them. So whether you fancy trying your hand at games design, surfing or supporting the local pond life, Cape Cornwall allows you to try.

Cape Cornwall School is an exceptional place where students come to learn and fulfil their potential as confident, well-rounded adults.

We’re ready to welcome you.

Jon Hall
Head of School