Food & Nutrition

“Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment and creativity”

Guy Fieri

The Cape Cornwall School Curriculum ensures that all our students have the opportunity for academic and personal development across a broad range of subjects and experiences. It combines equality of opportunity to our core learning with opportunities for students to make individual choices regarding their learning experiences.  Acquisition of knowledge and transferable skills are the cornerstones of our student’s progress and we place a high value on building their understanding of community, place and social justice. Lessons and other learning experiences are sequenced to build on students’ prior knowledge, and to ensure that students deepen their understanding of each subject, and the interconnection between subjects and their global context.

Our Curriculum is the foundation to achieving our Core Principles:

  • Students leave Cape Cornwall School with high value achievements and the life skills and resilience that provide a platform for future success and happiness.
  • We are inspired to work together to research, design and implement highly effective and sustainable solutions to develop and maintain our thriving school community.
  • Continuous improvement is achieved through a whole school culture of, and commitment to, creativity, engagement and professionalism.

What is unique to the study of Food Preparation & Nutrition?

Food preparation and nutrition gives students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills about practical cooking and nutrition. It is vital that all young people understand the importance of a heathy balanced diet and are confident in their ability and creativity to prepare exciting and nutritious meals.

During the carefully sequences curriculum for Food Preparation and Nutrition, students acquire knowledge in Food nutrition and health, Food Science, Food Safety, Food Provenance; where food comes from and Food Choice, including religion and food, international cuisines and sensory analysis.

Our curriculum will allow student to:

  • Understand and apply nutrition and health by looking into the ‘Eat well Guide’ and understanding how to create a balanced a diet.
  • Cook a variety of dishes using a range of cooking techniques, utensils, electrical equipment and applying heat in different ways.
  • Develop and understand how to use the 5 senses to explain and describe different foods by having an awareness of taste, texture and smell to decide how to season dishes and combine ingredients to adapt and using their own recipes.
  • Understand and experiment with the functional and chemical properties of ingredients to see how and why they work.
  • Develop a theory based report to review the skills, methods, sensory analysis and functions of ingredients.

In addition to our core curriculum we offer ‘Be Inspired Master Chef’ is an extra-curricular activity that allows students to demonstrate and experiment with different cooking techniques in Food Preparation and Nutrition.

This knowledge and the ability to demonstrate skills, will allow students to gain an understanding for future educational and employment success in many areas, such as:

  • Food safety trainer, Food safety advisor, food safety technologist, food safety manager.
  • Head chef, catering manager, restaurant owner.
  • Chef de Partie – international foods, commis chef – international foods.
  • Researcher, food and sports nutrition manager, nutritionists, nutrition scientist.

The curriculum provides a platform for future learning and opportunities in a local, National or International arena.

In Food Preparation & Nutrition our repeat concepts are:

  1. Preparation and cooking skills
  2. Nutrition & Health
  3. Food Science
  4. Food Safety
  5. Food Choice
  6. Food Provenance






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