Those who put Cape Cornwall as their first choice of school are seldom disappointed. As a small school, students benefit from a school with a real family feel. Classes here are small and every student is known personally, meaning that they are nurtured and supported in a way that would be impossible in a larger school.

Our Primary Liaison programme is second to none.  Students who join us from either one of our feeder schools, or from elsewhere, know the school and its staff really well, enabling an exceptionally smooth transition into secondary school.

Students who join us ‘in year’ settle in really quickly, mostly because we nurture our students and get to know them really quickly.  We are confident that every student who comes to Cape Cornwall School will be happy and will achieve or exceed their potential.

Familes are welcome to come and look around at any time (please phone to make an appointment first) to find out first hand why we are so proud our school. Cape Cornwall School is a small school with big ambitions for all.

Admissions should be made via Cornwall Council in the first instance.  More information can be found on their website, by using the following link:  Cornwall Council Admissions

In-year transfers

If your child is joining us this academic year, you will find all the information you need below.

To apply online to transfer your child to our School during the current academic year, please click here.

Useful Forms and Documents