Students engage and flourish

“Students who attend the “KITES” resource base flourish because the staff ensure they receive well-planned care to meet their individual needs. Their personal development needs are addressed effectively and this allows them to engage in their learning”


Everyone can achieve at Cape.

Too often, secondary school is simply a place to learn academics. Not at Cape. Here not all learning happens in the classroom.

To thrive, students with complex additional learning needs, need extra support. And at Cape, that’s what we offer.

We understand that school can feel an uncertain and scary place for those with educational special needs. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

We give our special needs students all they need to become happy, independent learners.

At Cape Cornwall we have a culture of welcome and inclusion. We are proud of our sense of community and involvement for every student that is part of our school family.

Kites, our Area Base Resource that helps children with special educational needs thrive. In Kites, classes are small. There are at most 11 students in each class with a high teacher/student ratio. So children have lots of 1:1 support.

At Cape, Kites children get the learning help they need – whilst enjoying mainstream school activities often as possible. So, students who are able to study GCSE’s will join their peers in mainstream lessons. Here they learn from our subject teachers, with the support of our teaching assistants.

Mainstream teachers also deliver some subject-specific lessons within Kites or mainstream classrooms. For example, if children need to use specialist equipment and facilities e.g. DT.

Where the GCSE curriculum is not suitable, learners study alternative qualifications. These include English, Maths, Home Cooking skills and ASDAN courses.

Personal development is vital. These include the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Be Inspired, drama, art and physical wellbeing.

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