Truro and Penwith Academy Trust: Curriculum Statement

TPAT aims to support and challenge schools so that their curriculum will provide real life context for learning wherever possible, including opportunities to develop an awareness of both local and global citizenship, whilst staying true to the individual identity of each school within the trust. The curriculum will be well planned to maximise opportunities to embed key knowledge and concepts to ensure all pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their learning, training or employment. Pupils will experience a broad and balanced curriculum through a sequenced and coherent plan which balances the core and foundation subjects. Pupils will be guided, supported and challenged through the curriculum by highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. The trust will work with schools and its associates to provide bespoke support and improvement activities of the highest quality.

Knowledge, Skills and Personal Learning
All TPAT schools will challenge and support our pupils to give them confidence in the use of English and maths and enable them to develop a wide vocabulary in order to access a rich curriculum. We will provide the learning environment needed to develop knowledge and skills so that our pupils can be inquisitive about the world around them and confidently solve problems. Our pupils will be given a wealth of opportunities to experience events that will increase their cultural capital and further their personal learning.

Personal development.
Pupils will be aware of and manage their own physical, emotional and mental well-being. They will be supported to have high selfesteem and be resilient. Pupils are self-aware, they show understanding and consideration of their impact on themselves and others, becoming compassionate members of society. They have been supported to develop leadership, independence and communication skills, enabling them to be motivated and confident. At every stage of education they feel supported, safe and secure, allowing them to manage risks and stay safe.

TPAT schools will support pupils to gain the key skills to make a positive contribution to school and wider society. These skills will enable them to show respect and tolerance for others and an understanding of the law which will help them in their future employability and to add value to their local community.

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