Drama is followed by all pupils at KS3 and is offered as a GCSE option at KS4. At KS3, there is a lively programme from which all pupils can develop the skills needed to help them work effectively in groups and build up a ‘toolkit’ of techniques to explore and communicate their ideas through drama.
At GCSE, the students follow the Edexcel syllabus where they will develop their improvisation and acting skills to a higher level; look at plays in more detail, and at different ways of bringing a script alive on stage. Students may focus on the technical aspects of drama (e.g. lighting or set design) for part of the course.
60% of the final assessment is met through practical components (resulting in performance) and the final 40% through a written paper at the end of the course. It is a very enjoyable option though a lot of hard work and commitment is essential for success.

*** If you have any questions or require further information about the Drama programme of study, please contact Miss Jack on the school number (01736) 788501. ***

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