Welcome to Kites


Kites is Cape’s dedicated educational facility for students with complex special educational needs, providing a supportive and intermediate alternative to special school or mainstream education.

Students get the best and bespoke experience of teaching and learning.

Our latest Kites annual monitoring visit reported;

  • The Area Resource Base (ARB) is an integral part of the school and is appreciated as a benefit to all pupils and staff.
  • All pupils are given access to specialist teaching, facilities and resources, either within main stream classes or as a discrete group.
  • Student ambassadors support ARB pupils in all aspects of school life. Good communication fosters positive relationships with parents/carers.
  • There is a positive supportive ethos where pupils are happy and secure.

Our Kites ARB opened in September 2013 to support students from aged 11-16. It is the only one serving Penwith. We currently have 18 students in education through Kites. 

Kites has the following accommodation:

· Three purpose-built classrooms

· Sensory room

· Garden

· Disabled shower and toilet facilities

· Kitchen

· Break-out room

· Meeting room and office

· Therapy room

Kites is very much part of Cape Cornwall School and we access all of their facilities in addition to our own.Looking at chicks to learn about eggs and life cycles

The following is an extract from the school improvement partner after he spent some time in Kites:

“I spent a short time looking at the provision, meeting staff and students and observing some teaching. Provision is excellent for these very needy students, supporting their academic, personal and social needs very well. The small amount of teaching observed was of high quality, enabling students with exceptionally low starting points to make good progress. One great strength of the provision is its flexibility – the ability for students to attend mainstream classes in subjects where they are comfortable and where they can make good progress, and for mainstream subject teachers to provide teaching in the Base. This specialist teaching, combined with the support provided in the Base, has enabled one student to make outstanding progress in maths, the subject in which he is very able.”

Kites is an integral part of Cape Cornwall School; students and staff in the main body of the school could not be more inclusive and accepting of students with additional needs and this is inherently why Cape Cornwall School is the only school in Cornwall to hold the Equality Award.