Year 8 Scheme of Work: My Favourite Activity


Students will begin by studying the Cubist artist Fernand Leger – researching and producing drawings in their sketchbooks. They will learn how to draw 3d shapes and understand different types of tone. They will learn how to design a composition for an A2 painting using 3d shapes - manipulating their image to convey themselves in their favourite activity using Leger’s painting ‘Big Julie’ as inspiration and the characteristics of Cubism.



Year 8 Scheme of Work: Still Life


Students will begin by setting up a Still Life grouping and producing observational tonal studies. They will look at the work of Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein, learning about his background, style and influences. Pupils will manipulate their Still Life study in order to produce an A3 painting that conveys Pop Art characteristics.



Year 8 Scheme of Work: Water Creatures - Clay plaque

Students will begin by looking at the work of Niki de Saint Phalle - discussing her characteristics, use of subjects and use of surface texture /application of paint. They will research various sea life creatures of their choice –collating images. They will learn how to manipulate imagery experimenting with a variety of digital effects - enabling them to produce a design for an A4clay plaque– incorporating both their chosen sea life and artists’ influence.


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