What stresses out our students?

silhouette of student

By Vashti for BBC School Report

I have asked a selected amount of student to be interviewed on their thought of mental health with questions asked such as how do you deal with stress or why do you think mental health is more of an issue now then back then. I have gained some really good results. I asked one person from each year from years  7to 11 and have found that as you get closer to your exams it becomes much more stressful.

Year 7 Question: If you were feeling worried or concerned about something, how confident or otherwise would you feel asking for help and support at your school?
Millie said “You would feel welcome and not turned away. They will always listen to you and never turn away.”  When I asked her about what stresses her she told me that when you are in school you feel pressured into making things done in time and making sure you did it right.

Year 8. Question: what help and support, if any, does your school offer if you are feeling worried or concerned about something. Dom said that the teacher will obviously help you and if it gets more serious they will help organise thing to help you with. Then I asked about stressful situations he has and he told me that the people around you can pressure you and that it can mostly happen in social media.

Year 9. Question: how good or bad would you say that the support you are offered at schools is for students who feel worried or concerned about something. Becca told me that they would make sure you are ok and that you can sit somewhere you can have peace and quiet.

Year 10. Question: what do you think causes mental issues at your age? Izzy said that pressure and that having so many things to do can be over the top and wanting to do well as well as society. Izzy’s stress is exam pressure because we always want to do our best in exams.

Year 11. Question: what do you do to relieve stress? Millie told me that she would take a step back and take a break and it also helps to do a step by step plan of what to do next. Millie said what really stresses her was her exams and mock tests because you want to do your best and online can be stressful as well as people who show off about their grades can make you feel a bit bad.

I had a lot of fun interviewing these people they were all great.

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