Useful Maths Websites for Pupils


There are lots of maths websites out there designed to help you with your studies, but the problem is many are hard to find, and many are just rubbish.

The aim of this section is to offer up some of the sites that I believe will be helpful to you. I hope you find them useful too.

If you have stumbled upon any other good maths websites, then please let me know so that
I can add them to the list.

Key Stage 3 = The three years leading up to SATs (Years 7 - 9)
Key Stage 4 = The two years leading up to GCSE (Years 10 - 11)
Key Stage 5 = The two years leading up to A Levels (Years 12 - 13)


The Maths Teacher aimed at: key stage 4 & 5
A fantastic set of videos taking you step by step through GCSE and A Level topics. Not only are the videos really well presented, but each one comes accompanied by a set of notes and questions for you to try complete with fully worked solutions. A phenomenal resource. You are very lucky! :-)


Mathscasts aimed at: key stage 3 & 4
An excellent set of high quality maths revision videos taking you through all the big nasty topics - laws of indices, trigonometry, surds - they are all there, and all explained slowly and clearly. An excellent revision tool
Maths Faculty aimed at: key stage 5
Lots of short, snappy, videos that explain key A Level concepts clearly. These videos can also be used as podcasts so you can revise maths on the go!
Mr Hegarty Maths aimed at: key stage 4 and 5
Another excellent collection of clearly presented videos which will undoubtedly help you with your revision. GCSE and A Level are covered and the videos are nicely broken down into topics.
GCSE Video Solutions aimed at: key stage 4

If you have a GCSE exam coming up and you want to go through a practice paper, then Tim Buckton has provided a whole set of video solutions to various GCSE papers, both Foundation and Higher. Even if this is not the exam board you take, they may still be useful for extra practice. My advice, start the video, press pause, try to answer the question, then press play again to check your answer


Ask Nrich aimed at: all key stages
What a fantastic resource. This is a forum where you can submit any really annoying maths questions, and a fellow student or one of the brainy people from Cambridge University will help you solve it. Of course, you can also answer other people's questions yourself, and this really is an excellent way of understanding a topic even more. Three specific forums you might want are:
Please Explain - SATs and GCSE
Onwards and Upwards - A Level
Nrich Talk - Anything that isn't to do with maths aimed at: key stages 3 & 4
If you are studying for your SATs or GCSEs, whatever level you are working at, then this website is a must visit! It is jammed packed full of help, resources and examples, and best of all everything is very clearly arranged and levelled so you are sure to find just the help you need. A truly excellent website!
BBC BiteSize aimed at: key stage 4
They say the old ones are the best, and this is still probably the best one-stop place to call in for notes, examples, interactive solutions and questions for you to have a go at yourself. Each question has its level next to it, and you can even download a big revision check-list to make sure you there will be no nasty surprises in the exam. What more could you want in a website?
CIMT Notes aimed at: Key stages 4 and 5
If you are looking for some really good maths notes, worked examples, and exercises to practise those all important maths skills, then this is the place to go!


Maths Guru aimed at: all key stages
Some good old past SATs questions, arranged both by levels and topics, for you to try, and then you can check your answers at the bottom. Practice makes perfect. You must click on the Key Stage 3 section on the left to find them. Lots of good GCSE stuff in the GCSE section as well. Alas, you must pay to access many of the A Level materials, but the sixth form worksheets are free, come complete with answers, and seem very good. An excellent site!
Interactive Maths aimed at: key stage 5
If you are looking for some extra material to help you fine tune those A level maths skills, then this website might just be for you. Loads of questions and worked solutions. It is also one of the few websites around that is particularly good for Further Maths. Give it a go, it just might help!
Subtangent aimed at: key stages 3 and 4
Lots of topics in the Revision section, and in the Test Yourself bit you can tackle the following topics - Function Machines, Number Properties, Pythagoras, and Quadratics. The questions are of an interactive nature, and are extremely well laid out. There are also some good games, for when you have earned a break from revision.
Interactive Maths Puzzles aimed at: key stages 3 and 4
Quite a few decent puzzles covering a wide range of topics. Many puzzles rely on the use of "matching things". Good for a quick revision of topics, and it shouldn’t give you too much of a headache.


Brain Cells aimed at: Key stage 4
A really nice set of GCSE notes and worked examples. Arm yourself with a pen and paper, click through the presentations, and try to solve the questions. You will then be taken step-by-step through how to arrive at the answer. Very nice.
Math Centre aimed at: Key stage 5
For A Level Maths, this website is simply brilliant. Pick the topic you need help on from the menu on the left, and then watch all the resources appear. What I like best of all is the variety of resources, from nice little leaflets covering all the main facts, the video tutorials. Brilliant!
Supermathsworld aimed at: key stages 3 and 4
A collection of some of the best and most original maths games around. The website even keeps a record of your progress, and the longer you play, the more you learn.
School Workout aimed at: all key stages
An excellent website if you are look for a little bit of extra practise and help on certain maths topics. The A Level section in particular is outstanding.


Nrich aimed at: all key stages
I know that doing a maths puzzle may not seem like the best way to spend 20 minutes, but if you do one puzzle a day off this site, it'll do you a lot more good than reading over your textbook again and again. These puzzles teach you how to think and solve problems, which are essential skills for success at maths. Each puzzle comes complete with a worked answer. This site might just help you enjoy your maths more, so I would give it a go.
CIMT Interactive Tutorials aimed at: Key stage 3
If you are serious about revision, then this is the website for you. Not just really good notes on every topic you could ever wish, but the pages are interactive, so you can fill in your answer and it tells you whether you are right... or not. Very good and completely free!
CIMT Help Modules aimed at: Key stages 3 and 4
Really good help on 10 of the biggest and most important maths topics. All the big names are there - fractions, percentages, algebra, probability. Give it a go!
Trinity School, Nottingham aimed at: all key stages
A really nice school website where you will find lots of resources and materials to help you crack all those tricky maths topics.


Waldo Maths aimed at: All key stages
How about something a bit different! This wonderful site has lots of fancy applets that allow you to revise topics interactively. You can grab shapes and graphs, move them around, and see what happens. Very impressive and well worth a look!
Exam Solutions aimed at: Key Stage 5
This nice website offers free specimen A level exam papers with written and video solutions to help with your revision. Should you wish to try some more papers, then you need to pay, but if this style of revision works for you then it might be a worthwhile investment. There is also a pretty good maths forum for A Level students to ask questions and help each other.
Maths Bank aimed at: Key Stage 5
A lovely website which allows you to find notes and randomly generated questions on pretty much every A Level module. And once you have had a go at the question, you are taken through a step-by-step solution. Practice makes perfect, and you certainly get as much practice as you need with this


Mr Barton Maths aimed at: All key stages
My own favourite, and without whom this page would not exist! Thank you! Check out the 'Just For Fun' section to see some amazing maths.


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