Transition To Kites

Key stage two to key stage three transition for Kites students begins when they are in year 6. As soon as the local authority let us know who has a place we begin by gathering lots of first-hand information, as well as ensuring that we have read everything provided to us from outside professionals, schools and the local authority. Wherever possible, a member of staff from Kites attends the student’s year 6 annual review. If there are TAC meetings or Early Support Meetings and parents would welcome us at such meetings then we endeavour to ensure someone’s attendance.

Staff from Kites visit the students in their primary school (usually a few times) and then a TA brings the student here for transition visits; gradually building on the time spent with us whilst simultaneously encouraging support from Kites TAs whilst the primary school TA begins to step back. This approach results in students having a much less anxious time joining us in September. 

Mrs Tamblin completes an information passport with the student so that we have their opinion, strengths and fears about moving to us. Mrs Tamblin has also developed a transition booklet which is given to the student long before they start in Kites; this includes pictures of staff and the building. Mrs Tamblin also organises timetables for students based around what they have shown their interests and strengths to be in.

In July, we have our big transition trip which is a bonding and nurturing day for current Kites’ students and those that will be joining us in the September. This day is usually at Paradise Park and parents are more than welcome to come along.