Staff at Kites

Mrs Stocker (ARB Lead Teacher)

Hello, I have been working in Kites since 2016, I trained as a primary teacher after doing a degree in dance and drama.

I went to Cape myself, many years ago now!

I have a daughter who attends Cape and at home I have a dog called Charley.

I love walking my dog on the beach, in fact I love the beach!

My favourite food is a Chinese or a Meadrey takeaway.

At home I like to cook and recently have started to grow my own vegetables.

My favourite colours are blue and green.

I love working in Kites, we have a great team and amazing students!

Mrs D’Agostino – Kites Teacher

I have worked in education since 1999 in a variety of roles. I am a trained mainstream English teacher and moved over to Kites in the last couple of years after a place became available. It an area that is very close to my heart and something I feel very passionate about.  I thoroughly enjoy working in Kites with the students and the staff and no day is ever the same!

I love long walks, baking and spending time with my family but I don’t like spiders and wasps!

Mrs Pearce – Kites Team Leader

Past Jobs- I am a qualified FE lecturer and I have worked in colleges teaching Travel and Tourism and Functional Skills Maths and English for many years. I was also a Travel Agent for 7 years but I wanted to teach Travel and Tourism, so I changed my career to teaching.

Favourite subjects at school – I loved Art, Silversmithing and PE.

Favourite colour – I don’t have a favourite colour as I just love all colours. Including black!

Favourite meal – I love a Roast Chicken dinner.

Hobbies – I make Sea glass and Silver jewellery.

Dislikes – Fruit puddings.

Pets- I have a dog.

Something that you don’t know about me – I used to own and ride a motorbike and I can still ride one today!

Miss Robinson – Kites Team Leader

I have always lived in Cornwall and love being outdoors. Having worked in education for the past 7 years with children and young people of varying ages, I enjoy helping and supporting individuals to grow.

Previous Jobs: Lecturer and Youth Worker

Favourite Subjects at School: Drama as I loved playing different roles

Favourite Colour: I do not have a favourite colour, each colour brightens my day

Favourite meal: A traditional Roast dinner

Hobbies: Reading, being outdoors and spending time with my family.

Dislikes: Mess.

Something that not many people know about me: I have never moved out of Cornwall!

Mrs Glenville

Mrs Glenville (TA and Kites’ sports)

Past jobs: Provisions counter assistant, barmaid

Favourite subjects when I was at school: cookery and P.E

Pets: one cat and one dog

Hobbies: Walking, reading and baking

Something people don’t know about me: My grandad was the next to last man to step off the man engine at Levant mine before it collapsed.

No favourite colour 

Favourite food: Roast dinner, steak and chips, and homemade pasty.

Dislikes: using the computer, bullying, unfairness, dentist, not being able to do things 

Mrs Semmens

Mrs Semmens (TA)

I have been working at Cape for 25 years….so should be getting a silver award by now! I live by the sea and love sunsets

Past jobs: I have worked in the school canteen and then became a TA

Favourite subject at school: Maths

Pets: I have here cats: Mooch, Tinkerbell and CC (he’s a Christmas cat because he turned up at Christmas)

Hobbies: Sewing, cooking and knitting

Favourite food: Roast beef

Favourite colour: Pink

Dislikes: I hate crab

Something people might not know about me: I was a pupil at Cape Cornwall School!

Mr Williams – Learning Support Assistant

I have worked as a Learning Support Assistant in Kites since 2013. It’s an interesting place to work as no two days are the same! My role as part of the staff team is to help the help the students feel supported in lessons and during their day at school.

Mrs Faherty – Learning Support Assistant

Past jobs: Veterinary Nurse
Hobbies: walking, cycling and playing piano
Pets: two rescue cats ‘ Bunty’ and ‘Susie’ ( from Cats Protection)
Likes: sunshine, outdoors, the sea, animals, good music
Dislikes: wind and rain together
Favourite subjects at school: Art, Drama, Biology

Miss Harvey – Learning Support Assistant

I attended Cape myself and enjoyed my time here so much I thought I would apply for a job as a TA here in 2015. In the past I have worked in catering and hospitality in pubs, bakeries, restaurants and hotels, made celebration and wedding cakes and worked as a TA in a primary school. This is my best job so far, full of fun times and it’s very rewarding.

I have two children and a cat called Delilah.

My favourite colour is glitter!

My hobbies include; glittering things, walking on the coast,  photographing sunsets, and baking, decorating and eating spectacular cakes.

I love to cook and my favourite dishes are Mexican or Indian inspired or a Sunday roast.

I hate horror movies.

Something people may not know about me: I love the sea but have an irrational fear of sharks

Ms Newman – Learning Support Assistant

I’m very passionate about equality and fairness. I believe my role at Kites is to ensure student have the best opportunity to experience an enriched and valuable education allowing them to meet their full potential, both academically and socially, whatever that maybe.

I have had a variety of past jobs, including working at Pendeen School, Thorpe Park and Blackpool Council. I studied Maritime Environmental Management and retrained in horticulture when I was 34. When I’m not working at school I enjoy doing a few gardening jobs.

I love living in Cornwall and spend as much time as possible in the sea either swimming or in a gig.

Favourite subject at school: Maths (I love numbers) and PE.

Pets: One dog, two cats, two guinea pigs, tropical fish and a hedgehog who is blind.

Hobbies: Swimming in the sea, walking, various spots that I dip in and out of including gig rowing, badminton and roller skating.

Favourite food: I like a lot of different food, I love fried eggs but the yoke has to be runny and the white nice and firm. I’m also addicted to salted peanuts.

Dislike: Narrow minded people, rudeness and blue cheese.

Something people don’t know about me: I’m secretly into country music….

Mrs Strong – Learning Support Assistant

Hi, I have been working at kites for nearly three years. Previous to working at kites I was a dancer travelling the world touring and performing. After having my own children, I decided to teach dance and enter into the world of education. I completed a degree in education and training and began working at kites 🙂 

Miss Miller – Learning Support Assistant

I grew up in West London. My dad was a war blinded ex service-man who believed in living life to the full. I moved to Cornwall in 1998.

Favourite subjects at school:  English literature and French.  I have a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

Pets: I have three cats. Jenny (17), Mr Darcy (11) and Tim, who we adopted from the rescue centre last year.

Hobbies: Reading and writing and swimming.

Favourite food:  My Mum’s recipe for beef stew.

Favourite colour:  Lavender

Dislikes:  Bullies and aggressive people.

Something people might not know about me:  In my late teens I made it onto the UK Olympic Swimming team but had to pull out due to family situation.