Staff at Kites

Mrs Glenville

Mrs Glenville (TA and Kites’ sports)

Past jobs: Provisions counter assistant, barmaid

Favourite subjects when I was at school: cookery and P.E

Pets: one cat and one dog

Hobbies: Walking, reading and baking

Something people don’t know about me: My grandad was the next to last man to step off the man engine at Levant mine before it collapsed.

No favourite colour 

Favourite food: Roast dinner, steak and chips, and homemade pasty.

Dislikes: using the computer, bullying, unfairness, dentist, not being able to do things 

Mrs MacGuire

Mrs Macguire (TA)

Past jobs: Interior design and running a furniture business importing

Pets: Two cats (although had three but one left home) and I also adopted a dog (Poppy, a little Jack Russell),she is adorable and I love her  (she loves me too)

Hobbies: Would love the time to paint but things are a little busy right now. I love to entertain and cook meals for friends; also I love to go walking with my partner, Kevin. I would love to have a second language really.

Favourite Meal; Tapas, although I do love Guinea- fowl in white wine…. yummy!!

Dislikes: I don’t like anything negative

Favourite colour: I love them all; they all bring colour into your life!

Something people may not know about me: I think I come across as harsh at time but I am a very soft hearted person indeed! I  love my children, I love every day of my life, but I really love my job and what it stands for, each and every day. I love a laugh and a giggle – it’s good for you.

Mr Mason

Mr Mason (TA)

Two past jobs: Care support worker, painter and decorator

Favourite subject at school: Art (and went on to study sculpture at university)          

No pets in my household (My children keep me busy enough!)

Hobbies:  Family outings, walking, camping, playing Xbox with my boys, music festivals, cooking and meeting with friends

Favourite Meal would have to be a hefty portion of lasagne

Something people might not know about me: I’m originally from Birmingham but moved to Cornwall in 2001

I dislike rollercoasters and have only ever been on one. Alton Towers would be a wasted trip!

Mrs Semmens

Mrs Semmens (TA)

I have been working at Cape for 25 years….so should be getting a silver award by now! I live by the sea and love sunsets

Past jobs: I have worked in the school canteen and then became a TA

Favourite subject at school: Maths

Pets: I have here cats: Mooch, Tinkerbell and CC (he’s a Christmas cat because he turned up at Christmas)

Hobbies: Sewing, cooking and knitting

Favourite food: Roast beef

Favourite colour: Pink

Dislikes: I hate crab

Something people might not know about me: I was a pupil at Cape Cornwall School!

Mrs Stocker (ARB Lead Teacher)

I was born and raised in Cornwall, even attending Cape Cornwall School myself. Before teacher training, I did a degree in dance and drama, and I did a diploma in educational psychology. I am a qualified Thrive Practitioner.

Favourite Subjects at School: Drama; I loved school productions and being on the stage.

Favourite Colour: Blue, because it reminds me of the sky and the sea

Favourite meal: Chinese takeaway

Hobbies: watching films, dancing, amateur dramatics, and spending time with the people I love.

Dislikes: Blancmange and jelly

Pets: Cat called Merlin

Something that not many people know about me: I worked at Woburn Safari Park

Mr Williams (TA)

Hello, my name is Mr Williams. I have worked as a TA in Kites since it opened in 2013.


Mrs Tamblin

Mrs Tamblin (ARB Manager)

Before I moved to Cornwall and entered education I worked in sport and recreation. Having worked in gyms and aerobics one of my favourite jobs was working with young people who had been referred to the gym by their GP as part of a weight loss programme, very rewarding. I also spent four years working for an outdoor education provider delivering residential activities to young people. I have recently qualified as a Thrive practitioner.

When I was at school my favourite subject was PE, probably because it meant I could be outside.

My favourite colour is green because it reminds me of the outdoors.

My favourite meal is definitely a chicken roast dinner.

My hobbies are walking my lovely border collie Jess, going to the gym, travelling, and enjoying time with my friends and family.

My dislikes are maths, sitting still and really fishy fish. Something not many people know about me....? I'm a bit of an open book!


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