Musician Mikey spills the beans

Mikey Ponsford

Mikey Ponsford is a key member of Bluegrass band “Flats and Sharps”, and was kind enough to take some time to talk to Sydney and Dylan for BBC School Report. Here are some highlights:

S & D: What was your favourite experience from your time at Cape Cornwall School?

Mikey: Wow, Okay, it was probably the first show that we played. I played in a metal band at the time called ‘The Last Few Remaining’ with a couple of kids from the year above  me and our lead singer dressed up in a tight leather outfit and we sung “Gay Bar” that was my favourite.

S & D: Other than playing in your band what do you like to do?

Mikey: I really enjoy table tennis so me and my mate in the summer went to a lot of the public table tennis tables near where I live so we spent the summer playing table tennis. I would say in terms of hobbies reading and music are completely up there cos it’s good for the soul and then table tennis. It’s actually useful exercise (I am horribly unfit) so I just end up sweating out loads it can get a bit brutal!

S & D: How did Flats and Sharps start?

Mikey: We first met at the Cornish Bluegrass festival in Newquay. We all had just started playing our instruments about two weeks before and we thought we were absolutely awesome when on reflection all we did was go around ruining peoples jams then we met again at Penwith College a couple of years later and decided to start busking because we wanted money and women aha! Then and we got offered our first gig at the opening of a new restaurant in Lands’ End.

S & D: If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Mikey: I’m going to give you two answers firstly I would be a goat because goats seem like they’re just a law to themselves and they seem to be kind of d***** bags like they just don’t care and just get in the way and ram and jump on each other they just seem scot free to the world. Secondly I would be a jumping spider because they just look awesome and I really like the fact that they are ambush predators so instead of being a spider that kind of waits in its web it is out there chasing things down.

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