Form 3B Parental Agreement for School to administer medicine

For the Health and Safety of your child and others, pupils are not allowed to carry any medicines in school, prescribed or otherwise. Medicines should be handed into Reception upon arrival at school and requested as needed (preferably at break or lunchtime), when the administration will be carried out, or supervised by a qualified First Aider.

Please complete the form below (Form 3B) for any regular medication. More forms are available by request or on the school website. Please note, that if your child is prescribed antibiotics or any other short-term medication, a further form will need to be completed.

The only exception to this is for asthma suffers who may carry their own inhaler/s, but only if parents fill in and sign Form 7 (available from the website or on request).

Parents of pupils with an ongoing condition, or recovering from a serious illness will need to complete a Health Care Plan (Form 2) available from the website or on request.
(All forms from Department of Health document – Supporting pupils with medical conditions).

The school will not give your child medicine unless you complete and sign this form and the school has a policy that staff can administer medicine.


Note: Medicines must be in the original container as dispensed by the pharmcy

The above information is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate at the time of writing and I give consent to school/setting staff administering medicine in accordance with the school/setting policy. I will inform the school/setting immediately, in writing, if there is any change in dosage or frequency of the medication or if the medicine is stopped.

Please note: If more than one medicine is to be given a separate form should be completed for each one.

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