Form 7 - Asthma Inhaler Consent

For the health and safety of your child and others, asthma inhalers are not allowed to be carried in school by pupils. Asthma inhalers are to be stored in the First Aid Room at school.

Please complete the form below in order that:

• your child may store his/her inhaler in the First Aid Room at school
• your child may be supervised using it when necessary;
• your child may use the Emergency Asthma Kit if required.

This form must be filled in by a parent/carer only if your child suffers from asthma.

Please note: a separate form should be completed for each inhaler needed.

Parent/Carer Contact information

My son/daughter will need to keep their asthma inhaler in the First Aid Room at school

I give permission for my son/daughter to use their inhaler as required from the First Aid Room under supervision by a First Aider

In the event that my son/daughter has forgotten his/her inhaler, I give my permission for the School Asthma Emergency Kit to be used

Tel: 01736 788501