Year 7 Scheme of Work: Me & My Community

During this project, students will investigate the work of Hundertwasser They will develop observational skills and use their imagination to design their own buildings and create work that is inspired by Hundertwasser’s artistic and ecological ideology. They will develop their understanding of colour, digital skills manipulating images of both themselves and buildings from their community. They will finally produce an A2 oil pastel study learning how to build up and blend colour inspired by Hundertwasser’s love for lines.




Year 7 Scheme of Work: Marine Life


Students will begin by looking at the work of Andrea Marrs-Poehl, Felix Murillo and Lisa Benoudiz. They will research various marine life of their choice and learn how to use, experimenting with a variety of digital effects enabling them to produce an A2 painting incorporating chosen artists’ characteristics.


Year 7 Scheme of Work: Natural Forms/Repeat Pattern

The aim of this project is to explore paint, pastels and pencil producing a series of studies on natural forms. Students will have the opportunity to take photographs of their chosen natural form and manipulate their images using a variety of effects on Both their digital outcomes and drawing of their natural forms will be used to further develop a repetitive pattern and produce an A3 painting – making reference to chosen artists/textile designers.



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