Our Vision and Values


Our vision is to realise the full potential of each individual, by providing personalised levels of challenge, excellent levels of support, encouragement and opportunities, that enable all our young people to be successful, flourish and achieve independence.

Dream……with high aspirations

Open to new challenges and experiences, whilst being creative and innovative, solve problems, seek solutions and will not give up when faced with challenges. We seek to offer an environment that is happy, secure and caring, of high aspiration and in which students can take pride in their achievements.

Believe…….in ourselves

Through being inquiring, determined and motivated, will make a positive contribution and take ownership of our own learning. Creativity, challenge and enjoyment are central to our success. A broad curriculum offer seeks to develop the academic potential of every student to the full, no matter what their starting point.

Persevere…. with confidence and character

Confident in our ability to succeed, admit when I am wrong, learn from our mistakes, take responsibility for my actions and ask questions to deepen my understanding. As well as building transferable skills in our students we aim to develop the self-assurance and strength of character that will help them succeed in life and to make a positive contribution to society.

Achieve…. excellence

Dedicated, committed and with a great attitude to learning, enjoying every opportunity, achieve excellence in all that we do. We want those who choose Cape Cornwall School to be hard working, to aim high, have some fun and to aim to do their very best in everything they do.

Knowing each child as an individual and creating the circumstances both inside and outside of the classroom, through a mind-set of challenge, discovery and enjoyment, we excite a spirit and energy for learning required for success later in life.

We are role models in all that we do, we encourage social responsibility and care for others. We can impact on our local community, the environment and the wider world through our actions. We will lead with positive values and act with integrity and honesty, skills that will help our students succeed in life and make a positive contribution to society.