Pastoral Team

The Pastoral team provides the care, guidance and support for individual students that makes Cape Cornwall School so unique. We pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with students. Each member of the team has special skills devoted to meeting the needs, both in terms of academic matters and pastoral, of all our learners. Students have access to a wide range of advice and can call upon the various skills within the team. This includes pastoral support, counselling, in-class support, academic mentoring and, where necessary, referral to outside agencies and experts.

The Pastoral team is comprised of:

Pastoral Lead and Head of Lower School

Mr R Terris

The Pastoral Lead ensures each pupil receives academic guidance and support. The Achievement Leaders will monitor progress and ensure strategies are put in place to make sure all students can make their targets.

Head of Upper School

Mrs J Williams

Mrs Williams ensures students attend school and supports students and families in attending school on time, working with the Education Welfare Officer and other external agencies.

SENDCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator)

Mrs J Marsh