GCSE Options

At Cape Cornwall School, we recognise and embrace the fact that all of our learners have different interests, goals and aspirations.  For this reason, we try to offer a selection of qualifications, i.e. BTEC and GCSE and balance these so that each student can attain the highest grardes possible.

Cape Cornwall School wants every learner, regardless of need and academic potential, to be successful, both at school and as a life-long learner.  To make this possible, we recognise that young people need support and guidance in making the most appropriate decisions.

All students will be offered time with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to agree on a programme of study that will facilitate the very best outcomes whilst taking into account:

  • individual strengths and areas of difficulty;
  • choosing career paths and/or college courses;
  • social, emotional and academic well-being.

Very occasionally, a small number of students may need to follow an entirely different programme of study that is more suited to their ability and needs.  Should this be the case, this would be in consultation with families and our Careers Advisor and would take into account guidance in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

Please read the Options Booklet available in the link on this page for more information on GCSE choices at Cape Cornwall School.

GCSE Options 2021/22