Governor Report


Reporting to: Curriculum and Standards Committee

Date: December 2019

Author: C Brooker

School Improvement Plan reference: 

Purpose: for information

Frequency of Report: Annually

Raising Achievement for Cape Cornwall School Learners

The following aspirational target for 2018-2019 was set by Governors:

Ensure all students progress to achieve age related attainment benchmarks by the end of Year 11.

In planning how to spend the funding, governors have used a set of principles:

1. The funding is solely for spending on students eligible for “catch-up” funding.

2. It is focused on supporting eligible students to improve their achievement in the core subjects of English and mathematics.

3. The impact of spending is evaluated to ensure value for money.

4. Improvement in the quality of education for students joining the school below national expectations is an integral part of whole school improvement planning.

5. Development of staff skills to ensure the highest quality teaching and support every day is given high priority, including the provision of high quality staff training.

6. The role of parents and carers in supporting progress, behaviour and attendance of students, in partnership with staff, is seen as crucial to student success.

Student Cohort 2018-2019: Students below national expectation on entry in Reading or Maths (Score 95 or below)

 CohortEligible for  Pupil Premium fundingSEND
Year 7 (now in Year 8)755
Year 8 (now in Year 9)734

Monitoring and reviewing impact

Our work in relation to students below national expectation on entry is reviewed on a termly basis to ensure it is having the intended impact in narrowing the gaps. This allows us to make adjustments if particular strategies are not working well, rather than leaving an unproductive action in place until the end of the year.

We recognise the importance of evaluation and the need for this to be robust to ensure the approaches we are using have the desired effect and represent good value for money. Our annual review involves staff, students and governors.

Evaluation of provision for students eligible for catch-up funding for 2018-2019 is as follows:

  • Daily provision and use of Accelerated Reader to secure rapid progress in reading for students in Years 7 and 8
    •  Data has shown 57% of Year 7and 26% of Year 8 students have a reading age growth of 1 year or more.
    • On average, students in year 7 made just over a year of progress and year 8 made just over 8 months of progress over the 3 terms.
  • Investment in a wider range of suitable age-related reading books to support Accelerated Reader. 
    • This has led to high engagement from students and an increase in the positive feedback given by students during focus group surveys
  • Deployment of Learning Assistants to provide specialist support in English and Maths.  Learning Support Assistants with specialist skills and training have supported within lessons and with small intervention groups. 
    • Progress data shows that 43% of low attaining Year 7/8 students were on track to achieve grade 4 in English and 21% on track to achieve grade 4 in Maths.
    • .
  • One to one teaching and small group teaching for both literacy and numeracy.
    • The intervention in Year 7 and 8 has taken place during tutor time.  Progress has been made more rapidly in English compared to Maths, see table below.

Students who were in Year 7 during academic year 2018-19

Student IdentifierSAT scoreOTTG EnglishOTTGMaths
7Too low to enter21

OTTG: ‘On Track To Get Grade’ (teacher assessed).

Students who were in Year 8 during academic year 2018-19

Student IdentifierEng SAT ScoreMaths SAT ScoreOTTG EnglishOTTG Maths

OTTG: ‘On Track To Get Grade’ (teacher assessed).

  • Investment in a specialist, age-appropriate resources for numeracy and literacy to support individual and small group intervention.
    • Examples of resources purchased are:  MathsWatch, Revision guides and workbooks.

Planned expenditure of catch-up funding for 2019-2020

Outlined below is a summary of the way in which Cape Cornwall School plans to spend the funding allocated to the school through catch-up funding.

Area to which funding is allocatedFunding allocated to this area
Small group and 1:1 teaching of literacy and numeracyLiteracy TA x 6.25hrs per week £5850 per annum 
Intervention resources for literacy and numeracy.£1000
Accelerated Reader£1000